Wellness on the Go



In Club, The Wellness System™

The Technogym Wellness System™ is an integrated wireless technology software application that allows members to view personal goals, exercise programs and progress through the use of a Smartkey. When a Smartkey is inserted into the equipment, the machine automatically starts and users are presented with a personalized routine to follow. Both trainers and members can set and modify programs onto the Smartkey. As a result, both the trainer and member can track and review progress through a central program at the end of the day or week.

Everywhere & Anytime, MyWellness®

Expand the endless possibilities with your fitness and take it to a higher level with Technogym by discovering how to “connect” your club, your trainer, and your fitness program with the MyWellness® Cloud.  Those web and mobile applications create a world without boundaries everywhere and anytime!

  • Get a healthy and active lifestyle with My Wellness.
  • Discover how your daily activities keep you fit and healthy by tracking everything you do, wherever you go.
  • Check your personal coach tips when you are at home.
  • Challenge your friends on My Wellness and climb the ranks
  • MyWellness® plays an important role for people trying to manage or lose weight, stay healthy and active, and enjoy wellness.
  • Start training and track how you have performed.  Add exercises to increase your performance and get support from the experts.

Using it in your daily life will help you feel motivated to move more often. You’ll have a greater awareness of your lifestyle, notice an improvement in your physical condition, and enjoy a general higher level of wellness that only movement can deliver.

Personal Coaching On the Go, MyWellness®,

Many people who want to engage in personal training have two wishes:

  • They want to train efficiently and stay motivated to achieve their goals
  • They do not want to be tied to appointments.

The MyWellness® Coaching service is an innovative personal training option for ensuring that you follow a goal specific training program, enjoy motivating workouts, that you can perform as and when you wish, with fewer limitations dictated by your trainers’ in club available hours.   MyWellness® Coaching Service is a solution to achieve success within your busy schedule. Your trainer will provide you detailed weekly training programs as well as follow up with you throughout the month, tracking your progress through the Technogym MyWellness® Cloud.