Personal Training Rates

Perhaps you require some careful coaching back to optimal physical condition after an injury. Maybe you are an athlete ready to push your limits to the next level, or you want to lose some weight. Whatever you wish to achieve, we can help with a customized program that guarantees results.  Our certified trainers are among the best in the industry, each having extensive knowledge and professional experience in their area. They will design a program that is individually structured for your specific needs and goals. They will motivate you to work harder, more consistently, and more efficiently than you would on your own.  They will provide you with guidance and education to ensure you establish an effective safe exercise pattern right from the beginning!  Work with our training team and you will learn how your body functions as well as how to train it efficiently to achieve the results you want.



Personal Coaching Monthly Rate       $95

Most people who want to engage in physical activity have two desires:

  • Train efficiently and stay motivated to achieve their goals

Do not want to be tied to appointments.

The MyWellness® Coaching is an innovative personal training option for ensuring that you follow a goal specific training program, enjoy motivating workouts, performed when and as you wish, with fewer limitations dictated by your trainers’ in club available hours.   MyWellness® Coaching Service is a solution to achieve success within your busy schedule. Your trainer will provide you detailed weekly training programs as well as follow up with you throughout the month, tracking your progress through the Technogym MyWellness® Cloud.

To inquire about coaching please email


Accountability is probably the #1 reason we fail at diets and exercise programs. Joining a Team Training group that you are scheduled to attend regularly, with a group that counts on you giving your very best, can offer all the accountability you need!

Your team’s coach will:

  • Tailor the group’s format, programming, and level specific to the collective participants.
  • Teach team participants how to monitor as well as earn their exercise progression.
  • Limit the team size so that everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Add in that you’ll gain friendships working together as a team, while relying on each other for motivation and support!


A dose of high energy and tons of fun!  Group fitness classes are a challenging alternative to coming in and working out on your own.  Whatever your area of interest is, from ballet to power lifting, we have a class that will fit your style!  Group fitness classes are designed to be a perfect fit for both the new and novice exerciser.  Classes are offered on a drop in basis with modifications provided to let you level up or down in order to keep the workout effective yet safe for your body.

All group classes are offered complimentary to SHC members.  Please see the Group Class Schedule online for the current class days and times.

To learn more about Personal and Group Fitness Training, please contact us at or call 503-612-2400.