SHC Aquatics users,

Our pool heater is currently being rebuilt from the inside-out and we hope to have it fully functional as soon as possible.  We thank you for your patience during the last few weeks and during our current rebuild.  Our pool heater is a custom unit, specifically designed and engineered for Stafford Hills.  When repairs are needed, minor or major, parts must be custom-made and shipped.  During these repairs, we have taken every precautionary measure to keep the pool up to a comfortable temperature that is within 2-3 degrees from our normal temperatures.  Cold temperatures at night make it very difficult for our heater to keep up, which is why there have been fluctuations in temperatures throughout the early morning and day.

Operating year-round takes a tremendous amount of effort from our team and partnerships with trusted industry professionals.  Saltwater pools are very corrosive to most metals and mechanical equipment, which requires a high level of maintenance and daily upkeep.  To ensure safety and continuous operations our pool will need to be serviced, cleaned, (and on rare occasions) closed throughout the year.  The goal is to be proactive and scheduled with upgrades and closures, but that isn’t always possible with unforeseen issues.  Once again, we appreciate your understanding and please know that our team works very hard to provide a safe, unique and sustainable experience with our year-round outdoor saline pool.

Thank you,

Evan Zupancic

General Manager/COO