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Tennis Rules & Regulations 
Court Etiquette Policies

Updates to Tennis Rules and Regulations (effective October 12, 2017):

  1. All reservations require 2 NAMES within 24 hours of court time (update to existing 8PM night before rule)
  2. Any court canceled within 24 hours of court time will be considered a LATE CANCEL  (update to existing 8PM night before rule)
  3. Any court with 1 NAME on the reservation 24 hours prior to court time, will be automatically moved to an available OUTDOOR COURT (Reservations with a Ball Machine are excluded) (update to existing 8PM night before rule) 
  4. Booking member must choose all additional names from an Active account in Tennis Bookings (If you would like to add a guest to your court booking, please call the Front Desk for assistance)
  5. If you are playing in a USTA, City League or JTT match, we ask that you refrain from booking more than 1 court as an “Advance Reservation” prior to the match as a WARM-UP for your team.  If a “Day of Reservation” is available, you may book an additional court.

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