Junior & Kids’ Tennis Programs

Stafford Hills Club offers outstanding support for exceptional junior tennis players who want to improve their game and access the highest competitive levels. The Club’s Junior Tennis Program connects junior players with nationally recognized tennis pros and will be able to help them develop to levels worthy of college scholarships and/or National rankings.

The Club’s “10 & Under Tennis Program” is officially sanctioned by the USTA and will offer our youngest members a wonderful opportunity to learn the game of tennis using smaller racquets, larger balls and shorter courts. Trained teaching pros lead small groups of children in games and tennis drills that teach important hand-to-eye coordination, footwork and the rules of the game.

Our clinics and camps will meet the needs of any level player.


Junior Jingle Club Tournament RESULTS

High School

Singles Champion: Emmet Moore

Finalist: Daniel Leef

Consolation Champion: Will Havnaer

Doubles Champions: -Emmet Moore & Ryan Mandel

Finalists: Jack Ninteman & Kyle Andrews

Consolation Champions: Evan Sklar & Daniel Leef


Singles Champion: Luke Yannello

Finalist: Eryn Fiabane

Consolation Champion: Andrew Monkarsh

Doubles Champions: Jack Armstrong & Connor Gewant

Finalists: Ellie Thorstenson & Olivia Durbin


Singles Champion: Quinn Stevens

Finalist: Sophia Mottern

Consolation Champion: Emma Chang

Doubles Champions: Camille Arnot & Jillian Himmelright

Finalists: Grant Hawkins & Owen Schmidt


For more information about Junior Tennis Programs & Private Lessons, please contact us at tennis@staffordhills.com or call us at 503-612-2400.