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Sick of being among the 90% of the population who abandons their New Year’s resolutions after month 1?

Join Stafford Hills Club and local lifestyle experts as we reach our goal of reinventing the resolution in 2020!

The best part? You don't have to be a member to join this inclusive community.

Whether your goal involves wellness, personal growth or career. Whatever you need to make your life more joyful in 2020, we've got the resources, support and community to get you there.



The 3-part 2020 Transformation Plan includes 2 action-packed and highly motivating goal success meets. You'll stay in the groove with the online community between workshops.


Step 1: Kickoff! Meet live and in person at the warm and welcoming Stafford Hills Club for a fun and energizing 2020 Transformation Kickoff Workshop on 12/5. Yep, that's before the holidays and...we promise not to ruin them.


Step 2. Connect with our Facebook page for ongoing inspiration, energy boosting and goal getting tips to keep you motivated throughout the program.


Step 3: Then back on 2/6 to share what we noticed, learned and loved with our amazing community.


You'll leave our last session together empowered and prepared with a clear and specific roadmap to move you forward to reaching your personal goals.

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Elizabeth Borelli is an ICF-Certified Professional Coach, speaker and award-winning author focused on supporting mid-career professional women through building their confidence, stepping into their purpose and reaching their potential.  Her background in wellness fosters a holistic approach to goal setting and achievement. Visit her website at

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Lori is an expert in fitness, nutrition and personal growth with a passion for guiding others in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She is a certified World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Pro, Certified Professional Coach and a resident Wellness Expert on Portland’s KATU Channel 2’s “Afternoon Live” show as well as on KXL 101.1 FM station.


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