What Is TRIBE Team Training?

TRIBE is a group training system used all over the world, and Stafford Hills Club’s newest offering for our members!

TRIBE Team Training offers small group personal training of approximately 6-10 people. Members will be able to sign up for 6-week seasons, which will occur at various times and days throughout the week at Stafford Hills Club in the XCEL Studio.

There are three programs, all of which focus on functional fitness:

  1. TribeFIT™ can be defined as a strength and endurance HIIT conditioning program designed for any committed individual, regardless of fitness or experience, making it the ideal fitness regime. TribeFIT™ will increase your strength and endurance, burn fat and calories and produce functional, full body fitness results leaving you looking and feeling amazingly fit!
  2. TribeCORE™ is a training program intelligently designed to bring toning, strength, stability and power to your core. TribeCORE™ trains the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles to leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs. TribeCORE™ incorporates flexibility and stability training to achieve structural longevity and powerful pain-free movement.
  3. TribePUNCH™ is a powerful boxing/kickboxing program specifically designed to give you power, strength, fitness and fighting skills – creating a greater inner confidence. TribePUNCH™ will burn fat and calories helping you become lean, athletic and confident.

Each team is led by a coach that stays with you the entire 6-week season.


What Are The Benefits of TRIBE?

TRIBE is a global training system that is used all over the world. With TRIBE, you get:

  • Measured results for motivation and accountability
  • A group of like-minded people to work out with
  • A dedicated coach to inspire and challenge you
  • A sense of community and friendship


How Much Does TRIBE Cost?

TRIBE is $169 per 6-week season for an SHC Member — that’s just $14 a session! Plus, you get TWO FREE SESSIONS at the beginning of each season.

$199 Non-Member price per season




Contact Heather Orphanides, SHC Tribe Head Trainer, at