Men and women alike are discovering the benefits of these gentle, yet highly effective exercises. And there’s no need to go downtown to a Yoga or Pilates studio, when Stafford Hills offers both disciplines. Guided by expert instructors, you will quickly build your confidence, regardless of your experience level.


Yoga offers many benefits, from stress reduction to addressing a variety of physical complaints. This centuries-old practice combines low-impact yoga poses with calming meditation. At Stafford Hills Club, we offer classes ranging from Basic Yoga to  “Hot Yoga.”

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Upcoming Workshops


Updating the Vinyasa

Saturday September 14th


$35/Member $45/Guest

SHC Yoga Studio

with Kelly Haller

Have you ever heard a yoga teacher mention “vinyasa” during sun salutations and wondered what it is and if you are doing it correctly? Or, are you a seasoned yogi wanting to incorporate more strength and control in this part of your sun salutations? In this two hour workshop we will cover the traditional vinyasa (plank-chaturanga-updog) and how to update it to promote more strength and power in our practice.



Aging into Vitality

Saturday September 28th


$35/Member $45/Guest

SHC Yoga Studio

with Sherri Koehle

Join Sherri Koehler and discover how yoga helps you to thrive in your later years by sustaining your health and vitality for the long term. In this two hour workshop we’ll discuss:

• Common concerns about your health as you age and how to maintain your well-being

• Bring more focus and attention to activities

• Practices that help you sustain your balance and strength

This workshop is ideal for adults 60+ who are looking for ways to ensure their vitality as well as their longevity. It is also great for any adult who is looking for tools to manage chronic health conditions. Session includes yoga movement, meditation, discussion, and written self-reflection.


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