Men and women alike are discovering the benefits of these gentle, yet highly effective exercises. And there’s no need to go downtown to a Yoga or Pilates studio, when Stafford Hills offers both disciplines. Guided by expert instructors, you will quickly build your confidence, regardless of your experience level.


Yoga offers many benefits, from stress reduction to addressing a variety of physical complaints. This centuries-old practice combines low-impact yoga poses with calming meditation. At Stafford Hills Club, we offer classes ranging from Basic Yoga to  “Hot Yoga."

See the Group Exercise Schedule for our complimentary Yoga Classes.

Upcoming Workshops

Fridays, April 3rd-May 8th
$135/Member $165/Guest
with Cindy Lewis

We know Yoga offers the balancing effects of a calm mind and strong body; but where do you begin? If you always wanted to incorporate more yoga into your wellness routine but feel you just don’t know the basics, please join us for our Yoga for Beginners series. Learn the basic sequences and transitions used in Vinyasa classes and understand how this practice naturally strengthens our muscles while creating more stability in the joints. This 6-week workshop is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate/advanced students looking to revisit poses or to develop strength between the poses.

Super Soothe Session

Friday, April 3rd
$35/Member $45/Guest
with Sherri Koehler

This soothing workshop is designed to calm anxiety & stress while awakening your nervous system to a deep state of rest & repair for the mind, body & spirit. We’ll begin with gentle Hatha Yoga movement and transition into stillness with Restorative Yoga postures and conclude with Yoga Nidra; a long guided meditation. Just what you need to settle into stillness & recharge your whole self.


Yoga for Sleep

Saturday, April 25th
$35/Member $45/Guest
with Sherri Koehler

Struggle to fall asleep? Can’t seem to stay asleep, waking up in the middle of the night or never feel like you get enough rest? Join yoga therapist, Sherri Koehler, and discover how to reprogram your sleep response using simple and effective yoga tools.


Yoga for a healthy S/I Joint workshop


2-Day Workshop Price

$70/Member   $85/Guest

Anatomy & Function of the S/I Joint

Saturday, May 2nd
With Cindy Lewis

Learn how your S/I Joint works by exploring & understanding your specific range of motion and areas of decondition. We’ll then use restorative yoga designed to encourage stability and balance so you can avoid injury and stay active!


Myofascial Release for the S/I Joint

Sunday, May 3rd
With Cindy Lewis

Learn about the function of the body’s fascia in relation to the S/I Joint and latest in myofascial release techniques including what to avoid. You’ll leave with an understanding of what specific exercises you can utilize anytime to help increase range of motion, muscle recovery and muscle function.