American Heart Association

2016 Heart Ball


Dear Friends,

October marked my four year anniversary from the heart attack that nearly took my life and separated me from the family and friends who I love. Since then, I have been grateful for every day, every hour, every minute. The heart research at Oregon universities, hospitals and research labs helped save my life and may some day save your life, or perhaps the life of your loved ones. That’s why Marla, my family and I are supporting the American Heart Association which sends FOUR research dollars back to Oregon for every ONE dollar we raise locally.

As the Chairman of this prestigious event, Stafford Hills Club has agreed to match club members donations up to $25,000 toward this event. I urge you to consider joining me to help reach our goal to raise $300,000 that evening.

The American Heart Association is committed to helping our community live stronger, healthier lives with education, research and public policies that will make an impact on where they live, work and play. Our community needs us, and we need you!


Jim Zupancic, Principal,
Zupancic Rathbone Law Group
Founder, Stafford Hills Club
Chairman, Portland Heart Ball 2016
American Heart Association