Pool Rules

In order to fully maximize our summer poolside at SHC please note the following:

Lifeguards – Lifeguards will be scheduled during our prime time swimming hours of Monday – Friday 12 pm-7 pm and Saturday & Sunday 12 pm-6 pm. Lifeguards are a helpful addition to the pool deck but not a replacement for a parent’s attentiveness.  Please be close to your children at all times to assist them if necessary. Please keep in mind that if your child requires a personal flotation device, they are considered a non-swimmer and you must be within arm’s reach of your child.

Sun Screen – Our saltwater pool is fantastic to swim in but takes careful, hourly monitoring to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the water. It is extremely helpful if you apply sunscreen at home before coming to the club to swim. It is more effective for the user and less chemicals transfer to our pool water. A win-win!

Pool Toys – If you are a parent, we know you’re excited to enjoy the aquatics facility with your children this summer.  For the safety and enjoyment of all our members please adhere to the following pool guidelines:

Toys are limited to small pool/aquatics toys and noodles. Please no hard balls or throwing of diving rings or sticks.

No swim toys in the Hot Tub

No squirt guns or water shooters.  Although squirt guns are tons of fun, please leave them at home.

No inflatables. Safety flotation devices are limited to foam filled devices only, such as life vests or chest strap safety equipment. To make sure your equipment qualifies, look for Coast Guard Approved devices. No inflatable water wings, baby boats or rings.

Swim Diapers must be worn at all times by anyone who is not potty trained or prone to accidents. Approved swim diapers are available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

Please review additional pool rules:

  • It gets slick out there!! Please walk and refrain from running.
  • Shallow diving in anything less than 5 feet or in a marked no diving area is hazardous and dangerous. 5 ft. shallow dives are allowed in the lap lanes but this requires skill. Youth should only attempt shallow dives during Swim Club practice or when involved in a swimming lesson.
  • When jumping into the pool, please jump in facing the pool. No flips or twists.
  • Rough housing makes us nervous! Please don’t rough house (i.e. chicken fights, drowning games, dunking others, pushing others into the water, jumping on each other, etc.)
  • Everyone loves the game “Colors” right? Well this game can be dangerous. If playing “Colors”, please alter rules to where there’s no running and jumping in from the pool deck.
  • Lane lines are important for dividing the pool but they are not to be used for hanging on. Please do not hang on the lane lines.
  • If under 14 yrs. old, the child needs an adult present at the pool area
    • 18 yrs. old and above are considered an adult
      • An 18 yrs. old patron may supervise a patron under 14 yrs old.
  • If a child is 5 yrs. old or under and/or is wearing a personal flotation device, the parent or guardian needs to be within arm’s length of their child.
  • No food or drinks are allowed within 4 ft. of the pool or hot tub.
  • No breath holding games
  • Throwing children is a potential safety hazard. Please do not throw, toss or launch children.

Thank you very much for your support to keep our club SAFE and FUN!