Physical Therapy


Stafford Hills Club is unlike anything Portland has even seen. More than simply a fitness facility, we offer a comprehensive range of specialty services for our members’ convenience and wellbeing.  Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is just one of those specialty services you can access right here at the Club.     

In collaboration with Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Club members are provided with on-site access to effective recovery tools and treatment techniques. With a focus on prevention and sports medicine, Therapeutic Associates supports injured athletes of all ages, facilitating a return to function in the shortest time possible. Educated in anatomy and physiology, physical therapists are experts in understanding how movement, posture, and function affect the wellness of their patients. Therapeutic Associates is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible, so you can experience the best physical health life can offer.

Our hope is that you will take advantage of all the providers at Stafford Hills Club and consider them as a permanent member of your medical team.

It’s one more way that Stafford Hills Club is helping our members lead healthier, more active lifestyles.

Free Injury Consultation:

If a member has a current injury or concern that has been bothersome, check in with Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy to get an expert opinion on what may be causing your symptoms. It is our goal to help keep you active and at the top of your game!

For more information or to contact us please follow the link:

Direct Phone: (503) 692-4934

Where physical therapy meets physical fitness