Each of us has our own unique reasons for joining a club. Our hope is that those who join Stafford Hills will find others within the club who share their interests, creating a community of friends that will last a lifetime.

Join for Good Health

Want to have more energy, feel better and perhaps even live longer? Exercise and physical activity can provide all three.

Join for Fun

Stafford Hills Club is more than a gym. Our programming is purposefully designed to promote fun through classes, socials and events.

Join for Relaxation

Relax by the pool, treat yourself to a massage or join one of our mind/body classes. At Stafford Hills we specialize in the art of “aahh”.

Join to Make New Friends

“To have a friend and be a friend Is what makes life worthwhile”
– Author unknown

At Stafford Hills we are always seeking ways to connect members with members who have similar interests. Our Club Within the Club, classes and activities are the building blocks to creating great friendships.

Join to Belong

If you are looking for something truly special, a cut-above the rest, then we invite you to join Stafford Hills Club and experience a true sense of community.