Nerf Battle

Bring your favorite nerf gun and get ready to have some fun!

Saturday May 18th



Ages 5-12 Years Old

Players will discuss game rules, teamwork and good sportsmanship before being divided into teams and rotations by age. Teams will play a variety of games and challenges that encourage teamwork, strategy, quick thinking and high energy. Safety glasses & Darts provided!

More Info:

Location: Nerf War will take place on the outdoor tennis courts OR in the Cascade Room at SHC, weather dependent.

Play Type: Participants will be divided into teams by age and will be ro


  1. Safety goggles must be worn during all nerf activities
  2. No close range shots
  3. No shooting above the shoulders
  4. If you hear “cease fire” or “stop”…STOP
  5. Share Ammo