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Receive up to $300 for EACH Membership you refer!


Refer a friend or family member to join SHC by filling out the form below. *Read all details below.


Once your referral joins as a full member, you get 1-month of their dues as an account credit!


There are no limits on the number of people you can refer in the month of April! YES...NO LIMIT!


Referral Pricing Breakdown

You will receive the following credit to your account based on the Membership Type your referral joins under:


Adult: $125
Couple: $195
Family: $249


Adult: $160
Couple: $255
Family: $299

  • After submitting your referral, they will be contacted by our Membership Team with a special new member offer.
  • To receive the referral credit, you must be an active full time member.
  • Referral special applies to first-time members only, and will not apply to referrals prior to 4/1/21
  • Regular referrals that do not initiate from the webpage will receive the normal $50 referral credit. Referrals must be initiated by the member through the webform on this page to qualify for the special.
  • Account credit will automatically be applied to their next month's statement, ONLY once the referred member joins as full-time, 12 month contract.
  • Multiple referring members that refer the same person will split the monthly dues credit evenly
  • A complimentary guest pass will be offered to the referral to come try us out (this will be limited to 1 guest pass per person, even if there are multiple referrals)
  • Members are not limited to the number of referrals they can make and receive credit for during the month of April.