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Dear Stafford Hills Club Members:


On Monday I sent you an email explaining how we planned to comply with the Governor’s directive as it relates to Stafford Hills Club.  On Tuesday, we were served with an OSHA complaint filed by a complainant citing language from my email.  Later on Tuesday, the Governor issued Executive Order 20-65 (the “Order”) specifying that all “Gyms and Fitness Organizations” are to be closed until December 2, with no definition of what constitutes a gym or fitness organization.


The Governor’s Order is very confusing and ambiguous.  The OSHA Complaint against us is even more confusing and vague.  In general:


  • the State incorrectly lumps us into the generic “gym and fitness organizations” category even though we have a multipurpose campus with many outdoor activities;
  • guidelines issued today by the Oregon Health Authority allow “Outdoor Recreation Organizations” to continue to operate; and
  • other exemptions for activities like outdoor recreation and outdoor sports, youth programs and food service apparently do not apply to us.


In sum, we feel that the State is trying to do surgery with a shovel.  Unfortunately, unless we comply by shutting the Club down, we risk huge financial fines and possible criminal prosecution.


Therefore, we must close the Club through December 2, 2020, and we will work to obtain clarification on why we cannot operate in the safe, limited and reasonable way as we proposed.   Again, based on the science and the data, Stafford Hills Club has proven to be among the safest venues in the state.  Over the next two weeks, we will do all we can to convince the Governor that we are a safe, responsible and disciplined community.  Our Stafford Hills Club is not part of the problem, but instead is a part of the solution.


What can you do to help?  Please email the Governor and your State Legislators and tell them why you believe Stafford Hills Club should remain open under the clear and reasonable limitations we established.  Your voice matters and we urge you to write today to express your views.  The email contact information is:


Sadly, many of our employees will need to be furloughed during this temporary closure.  Live Streaming and On Demand classes will continue to be available at  If your personal trainer or instructor plans to offer private virtual sessions, they will reach out to you.

We thank you for your continued support and help.  Be well, stay safe and please do your best to stay active during this temporary shutdown.  We will get through this together.


My grateful regards,


Jim Zupancic

Chairman and CEO