Aquatics Information

Lap Swim Information

  • Guests & In-Active Members are not allowed in the pool or on the pool deck at this time.
  • Lap Swim Reservations are 45min starting on the hour from open/close
  • Reservations can be made starting at 12pm, two days prior to the scheduled session.
  • Reservations are REQUIRED and must be made on the new Online Member Portal
  • 1 Lap lane per person OR no more than 3 individuals from the same household
  • USAGE LIMITS:  Each member is limited to reserving a lane and rec swim no more than 3x PER CALENDAR WEEK. (Sunday-Saturday)  We are asking each member swim no more than 1x PER DAY on an Advance Reservation.  Honesty is part of our 5-Point pledge and we ask you to self-monitor this policy.
    • Note: Advance Reservations are ANY reservation made before the day of swim; including confirmed reservations that have transitioned from the waitlist.
  • WAITLIST:  In your Member Account on the Home Page, under the announcements section is a link to the Lap Lane Waitlist Form. Fill out the form to be added to the waitlist.
    • Please limit your waitlist requests to no more than 2x/day.  If you have a confirmed reservation, please do not reserve a waitlist time for that day.
  • SAME HOUSEHOLD:  Whenever possible, we are asking members from the same household to please swim in the same lane.  If you have multiple lanes booked at the same time, you may be asked to combine lanes.
  • DAY OF SWIM:  These reservations do not count towards your usage limits.  Members should check the Stafford Hills App or online account to view availability for that day.
  • LATE CANCEL:  Cancelations within 6 hours of reservation time will now be charged a $10 fee.  Please call the Front Desk or cancel through the APP if you wish to cancel your reservation.

Rec Swim Information

  • Reservations must be made for all swimmers AND guardians who will be present in the pool/on the pool deck.
  • Members are asked to exit the water 10 minutes prior to the end of their reservation to allow for transition time before the upcoming appointment.
  • Reservations will open 2 days in advance in the morning on the App or online Member Portal via the Group Activities Tab.
  • Advanced reservations limited to no more than 3 times per week per person. Same Day reservations are allowed when available.
  • All swimmers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible guardian who is 18yrs or older.
  • Members must abide by the max capacities for each swim area.
  • No lifeguards will be present at this time.
  • Guests/Inactive Members are not allowed at this time.


Mon-Fri Reservations:





Weekend Reservations:




Come prepared...

  • All members are REQUIRED to enter and check-in at our main front desk. 
  • Please arrive showered & dressed in your swimming attire. 
  • Rec Swim will be assigned 2 lounge chairs or 1 picnic table based on party size.  Seating will be first come first serve and will be limited
  • Swimmers must provide their own clean towels, water bottle & equipment
  • Kickboards, buoys and goggles are available for purchase at the front desk.
  • Members are required to wipe down your area after use