Group Fitness Classes


  • Reservations required for all in-person group fitness classes at Stafford Hills Club.
  • Reservations can be made starting two days prior to the scheduled class.
  • Registration will be completed by the member on the Stafford Hills Club App or Member Portal.
  • Members can cancel up to 12 hours in advance without any penalty. Less than 12 hour notice may result in a $10 late cancelation fee*
  • Members who have made a reservation must be present no later than the class’s scheduled start time.
  • Members not present at the start of class will be considered a “No Show” and may be subject to a $10 no show fee
  • Reservations not claimed by the class start time will be released to anyone waiting to attend class on first come first serve basis.

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Strength & Cardio

SHC Strength

This non-impact strength training class was created to give participants an effective results-driven all body strength workout.  Members will utilize heavy, medium and light free-weights, gravity and body weight as resistance tools. Great for members of any fitness level that wants to increase muscular strength and decrease body fat.


SHC Cardio

Maximize your time & your workout with simple effective cardio drills. The 45-minute format is quick and efficient. A perfect addition to the busy work day.


Cardio Strength

You have found a workout to challenge yourself with cardio moves and all over strength.  This class combines intervals, drills, functional strength moves, core fusion, and increased flexibility.  All levels welcome, come join the fun!



This 55-minute core class will strengthen and define the abs and glutes while increasing hip mobility and adding stability in the back. Each class will combine both standing and floor work to improve balance and core strength using BOSUs, bands, balls and gliders to customize intensity option.


Core Strength & Stability

Increase core strength through a series of exercises to target core muscles from all angles. This class also includes stability & balance training to increase body awareness and trunk control.


Cardio Core

This class will  be a hybrid of our “Hard Core” and “Cardio Strength” class. A significant amount of challenging core work, with some cardio intervals thrown in to keep the heart rate elevated. Participants will utilize tools such as BOSUs, Bands, Gliders and Body weight for resistance and balance work.


Rev & Flow®

A dynamic workout that’s easy on the joints without compromising the intensity of the workout. REV+FLOW strengthens bodies and sculpts muscles through targeted, music-based movements and resistance training. This will challenge the body in new and unique ways through easy-to-follow movements and uplifting music.


Walking for Wellness

Enjoy the outdoors & increase your physical activity with this fun and challenging walking workout. Get ready to up the ante on your walking with some interval work as well as strength training with bands. All fitness levels are welcome.


Balance, Strength & Stretch

This non-impact class was designed to provide a gentle yet effective workout for those wanting to improve balance, increase strength and bone density and retain and improve flexibility. The class will be taught in 20 minute segments, to allow members to focus solely on each element throughout the hour.  A great workout for those wanting non-impact, and/or recovering from injury.

Barre - Pilates
Yoga - Mind/body