Choose from our Meditation programs, which combine a soothing soundtrack with your massage and help you to focus your breathing and achieve a relaxed state of being. Or try the Yoga Studio program, which uses deep stretching and pressure to loosen and relieve pain from tight muscles.


  • Relax sore muscles
  • Soften injured and overused muscles
  • Prepare your body for a workout
  • Decrease injury and post-workout recovery time
  • Reduce cramping and spasms
  • Increase joint flexibility


  • 3D and 4D Massage Programs: Even beyond 3D Massage, the Super Novo offers 4D programs to include the dimension of variable speed. Massage strokes speed up and slow down mid-stroke, just like the hands of a professional massage therapist.
  • Magnetic Dock and Holder: Manage your devices in a variety of convenient ways. Dock the remote or your device until you need it or use the holder to position it for easy use.
  • 38 Auto-Wellness Programs: Indulge in 38 different programs including full-body immersion, deep tissue, and an effective collection of therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs.
  • Cloud Touch Acupressure: Strategically placed, targeted air cells apply pressure to key healing points and manipulate your body to stretch muscles.
  • Dual-Lumbar Heat: Adjustable and targeted heat gently soothes your back to loosen tight muscles and help relieve pain.
  • Zero Gravity Seating: The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart. Doctors recommend this position as the healthiest way to sit.
  • Unibody Track: The striking design of the Novo XT2 is more than just style. The unibody track covers up to 60% more of your back as compared to conventional chairs, extending high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your thighs.
  • Altec Lansing Premium Sound System: Enjoy the premium Altec Lansing sound system, with built-in Sound Soothe to listen to immersive sounds of nature, or listen to the narrated demo to walk you through the features and health benefits of the Super Novo.
  • Extending and Heated Knee, Calf, and Foot Massager: With under-foot rollers and adjustable intensity for calves and feet, the heated extendable leg rest automatically adjusts to your height. The calf massage area also extends up to the knee area to soothe muscles throughout your legs.
  • Full-Body Stretch: Our expansive “bend and stretch” functionality provides unprecedented leg and spine relief, increasing blood flow to the vertebrae and discs while rejuvenating your lower back, allowing you to recover with greater efficiency.

The HydroMassage bed is a convenient, dry, full-body massage with the use of pressurized water. Simply lie down in the open-design bed fully clothed and feel the immediate benefits of the traveling jet system, which delivers an “all sides” body massage. The bed can be easily customized to put pressure exactly where you need it most.

HydroMassage is an incredible way to warm up your muscles before training and loosen your muscles after training. This will help prevent soreness from repeated resistance-based motions used in weight training or participating in high intensity group exercise classes. Deep tissue options for the water pressure will relieve tightness and knots in muscles from previous workouts or simply everyday stresses. Lastly, hydrotherapy is known to deliver enough pressure to the body to release harmful toxins through your pores.


  • Temporary relief of minor aches and pains
  • Relief of muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension
  • Increased circulation in local areas where massaged
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced feeling of well-being and deep relaxation

Flush out soreness. Bring on peak performance.

Sit back, relax, and recover faster as each boot compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and fatigue.

Cut down on hours of rest and recovery with the most customizable pneumatic compression system. 


  • Boosts circulation
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Decreases swelling and stiffness
  • Relieves muscle fatigue


Maximize circulation. Our ‘true’ negative gradient of pressure travels up the limb from the foot to the thigh in 4 internal overlapping chambers. This safely maximizes circulation vs. other designs that can interrupt air flow.

Recover faster. By detecting a full inflation based on precise pressure, RecoveryAir's high-performance compressor reaches the optimal point for a full and rapid pressure release 2-3x faster than competitors.

Safely control pressure. In order to prevent dangerous over-constriction, our system lets you set your session to precise units of pressure and monitor it according to the size of the limb being treated.

Experience more effective compression. RecoveryAir gives a complete cycle of compression and release in only 60 seconds. Flush out metabolic waste more effectively and allow fresh oxygenated blood to return to the limb faster.

Clean easily and avoid buildup. Our 4 hidden overlapping chambers avoid the bacteria and moisture that can often build up. This design provides a hygienic easy-to-clean surface on the interior of the boot.

Treat sore muscles post-workout to accelerate muscle repair and recovery with the TheragunPRO. Theragun Percussive Therapy is massage reinvented™.

Theragun devices are scientifically calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle than the average massager at 40x/second, for greater therapeutic benefits to the body.



  • Increasing blood flow
  • Decreasing lactic acid
  • Improving range of motion
  • Hydrating tissue
  • Preventing adhesions
  • Faster warm-up
  • Faster recovery
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Improving posture
  • Decreasing muscle soreness
  • Enhancing sleep quality

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