Private Yoga Pricing

Private yoga training is a great way to learn how to safely start practicing yoga, deepen and strengthen your existing practice, develop an at-home practice, and cater to your hectic schedule - as well as address any physical challenges you may have. 


Single $80 

Four-pack $300 

Eight-pack $560 


Single $55 

Four-pack $200 

Eight-pack $360 


Single $40 

Four-pack $140 

Eight-pack $240 

Session Policies

  • All private sessions are 55 minutes long and by appointment only. 
  • Pricing is per person. 
  • 24-hour advance notice to the instructor or front desk is required to change or cancel an appointment without full charge. 
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Mobility Workshop

Saturday, June 10th 12:00-1:30pm

Member $30

Guest $40

Registration opens March 26th @ 1pm

Join Marie for an all-level workshop to help improve mobility, flexibility. Each participant will learn how to utilize tools such as bands and foam rollers to assist in recovery and injury prevention.

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Discover inner peace and harmony with our transformative yoga program at Stafford Hills! Led by our experienced instructors in our serene yoga studio, our classes offer a range of styles and levels to suit every need and preference. From dynamic Vinyasa flow to gentle restorative yoga, our classes provide a holistic workout for your body and mind. Whether you're looking to increase flexibility, reduce stress, or simply find your center, our yoga program is the perfect way to nurture your inner self and achieve balance in your life.