Tennis Reservation rules & Guidelines



Thank you for your patience and support over these last several months and specifically over the last few weeks.  The new policy of 3 Advance Reservations per week has begun to show us the appropriate data and help us better understand the needs of all tennis members.  Courts are still in high demand and the utilization of courts remain over 95%, with only a handful of open indoor courts per week.  Many have adjusted to reserving courts “Day of” and are playing more throughout the week.  Ultimately, the policy has accomplished the goal of creating more availability of courts throughout the week and allowing more tennis members to play more often. 

With that in mind, we still want the members to know that we listen to their concerns and frustrations.  We know that tennis is a great way to be social, active and have fun with friends and family.  The Club’s goal is to be balanced and fair with court availability and booking rules for all of our members.  Beginning the week of March 14th, the 3x/week Advance Reservation limit will be increased to 4x/week.  Please note that we will need your support in bringing new members to the Club and help us rebuild our membership.  I’ve spoken to many members who find it hard to believe that due to the pandemic our Tennis Membership is down 15%.  While it may not seem that way with current court usage, it is in fact true.  Our overall Tennis Membership hasn’t been at this level since we opened the Club in 2012.  Additionally with the devastating impact to our Fitness Membership, the Club is asking for your help and support. 

Advance Reservations

  • 3x/week will be increase to 4x/week beginning week of March 14th
  • Additional Advance Reservations over 4x/week will incur a $10 court fee per reservation to that individual
  • Outdoor court reservations do not count towards weekly limit (including Pickleball)
  • Day of Play reservations do not count towards weekly limit
  • Advanced Reservation Rules will be assessed quarterly and is scheduled to continue through Peak Seasons (Labor Day – Memorial Day)
  •  If you are having trouble finding players, please contact us at the Front Desk or  

Other Updates

  • The SHC APP is now available for download.  This APP controls all Club functions EXCEPT court booking.  Search for "Stafford Hills Club" and use your same login/password as the Member Portal
  • will continue to be the Member Court Booking software until further notice
  • KIDS CLUB will be reopening in a limited capacity March 29th.  Please contact for details
  • More Group Exercise classes have been added with higher capacities allowed
  • Fitness Floor reservations are no longer required

We appreciate the adjustments you have had to make over the last year.  Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to bringing the social opportunities back to the SHC community!


Evan Zupancic - COO/GM